It's Fashion Revolution Week this week and the spotlight is on clothing brands to be honest and about transparent about their production processes.


It is an opportunity also for us as individuals to reflect and to focus on the 'sustainability' of the fashion industry as a whole and the part we play in it. It is a necessary and vital question to ask who made my clothes, but we also need to take some responsibility for our own habits as consumers of clothing. It's important to be conscious about not only about who made the clothes, but the sourcing and effects of textile production itself, as well as the dyeing processes which are some of the biggest contributors to pollution on the planet.


The biggest problem is the sheer amount of clothing being produced. There's just too much of it. We have clothing mountains in parts of the world made from clothes we just don't know what to do with. We shift them somewhere we can't see it and hope that the problem will disappear. It won't disappear, the mountains will keep growing. We can only slow it down and curd our insatiable desire for fast fashion. The sensible thing to do now would be to buy less and better quality - not to sacrifice longevity for a quick fix.


As well as #whomademyclothes, we also need to ask, #howlongwillitlast?

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