The Wonders of Cold Water

The Wonders of Cold Water

Cold water immersion is a rising trend and there are good reasons for it. Certain cultures and spiritual traditions have known about and practiced cold water immersion (exposing your body regularly to cold water) as part of maintaining a healthy body and mind for centuries. What they have known intuitively is now being proven to have a whole host of health benefits* including:


• Better immune system

• Improved circulation

• Lymphatic movement

• Fat loss

• Temperature regulation 

• Relief from symptoms of depression 

• Healthy skin and hair 

• Inflammation decrease 

• Breathing 

• Better sleep

• Tolerance to stress


Join @sophiehellyer’s #risefierce movement and go for a dunk in your local body of cold water or, if you’re not able to do that, a daily cold shower for a minimum of 3 minutes will do the trick. Cold showers also have the added benefit of using less water than hot showers as you’re not going to hang around for longer than you absolutely have to!


Once you get in the daily habit of a cold shower, your body builds a tolerance to the temperature, it becomes easier and you start to feel the benefits. Speaking from experience, it becomes a little addictive. If you haven’t already, give it a try, you’ve got nothing to loose and it might just work wonders. Personally this winter seems to be a bit more manageable and who knows, it could be down to those daily dunks!



Muses: @therighttoroamfilms 

Photography: @travelandthegirls


(*There’s tonnes of research online if you wanted to dig a little deeper.)

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