Sustainable Swimwear Guide By Sophie Everard Out Now!!

Sustainable Swimwear Guide By Sophie Everard Out Now!!

Check out Sophie Everard’s (@sophiemadtolive) brand new Sustainable Swimwear Guide here!


We are in there alongside some other totally awesome sustainable brands.





Hailing from the Cornish coastline in the UK, sand&palm is handmade in Newquay by founder Vicki Jones in her seaside studio. With zero waste at the forefront of sand&palm, items are made to order, with minimal amounts of stock so nothing goes to waste. 


Sand&palm’s lycra comes from 100% regenerated nylon from ghost fishing nets, as well as other post consumer plastic waste, their bikini bags made from organic calico, and organic hemp utilised in their apparel and beachwear. Hemp is one of the most sustainable crops on the planet, and is beautifully soft against the skin. 


Adding to the mix the fact sand&palm’s tags are made from 100% recycled paper, the tag string organic hemp, and the cardboard packaging 100% recycled paper, and we have a strong forerunner in sand&palm for sustainability best practice.

Oh yeah, and their suits are absolutely, CUTE AF.

A post-consumer initiative enocurages customers not to throw suits away - sand&palm encourage offering to a friend, exchange them for something else, take them to a clothing bank or a charity shop.

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