Sand&Palm X Akela Surf Interview

Sand&Palm X Akela Surf Interview

Akela Surf asked a few questions to Vicki, founder of sand&palm. This is how it went:


"Akela Surf friend and Artist Vicki Jones is launching her swimwear brand @sandandpalm, we would to talk to her more about this project and why not make a collaboration Sand and Palm X Akela Surf.


- Why @sandandpalm?

This is a venture I’ve been wanting to embark on for a very, very long time. I’m notoriously indecisive and names have come and gone. For some reason sand&palm came to me, and it stuck. I think because it is simple and timeless. It is not place or time specific, it could be anywhere in the world, from Cornwall to the Caribbean. Both elements in the name are consistent, reliable and resilient. I wanted to suggest a sense of freedom, of exploration but also relaxation and a deep-rooted connection with nature. Timeless and versatile, it can be worn on the beach, for exercising, for yoga, and equally in the water swimming or surfing. Classic, high-quality, unique pieces that stay with you on your journey wherever that may be.


- We really love your prints and style for your brand, What's your inspiration for @sandandpalm?

Thank you! I guess coming from an illustration background this is probably the strongest element of the brand. Primarily I draw, usually with pencil and pen, and then this forms the basis for any new ideas for prints or designs that I have in mind.

Perhaps the style of sand&palm is an aesthetic that has developed from years as working as an illustrator and designer, combined with travel, surfing, a love of nature, alongside spiritual and personal growth. I find the mystery of the faraway and the exotic alluring, the excitement of travelling to a new world, journeying in new lands, where the rhythms are different and the heart beats to a sacred drum, where there is ancient knowledge among the people and plants and the animals are wiser than we. It is this intangibility that I like to convey through my work, but with a sensitive, minimal, and modern edge.

Even though by trade I am an illustrator and print designer for fashion, I have always enjoyed working hands-on with textiles whether it’s using fabric as part of a mixed media piece, transferring images onto textiles, or creating clothing, textiles has always been present in my work. My mum is also a textile designer and artist so I grew up around fabrics and often made my own clothes. I am particularly influenced by historical clothing and textile pieces, made from beautiful, natural and artisan fabrics, crafted with techniques and skills that, on the whole, are becoming lost in modern day production. To me, the fact that these items have been created with so much skill and care, means they are pieces of art in themselves, they are respected and looked after, treasured possessions. They are brought to life with a narrative and a story, inherently symbolic and purposeful. I wanted to translate this way of looking at clothing into anything that I made. Before I begun, I knew that anything I produce would have to have a meaning and a purpose.

I am definitely influenced by nature. I believe if we are to have a long and fruitful future on this planet, we need to start seeing Nature and all it’s flora and fauna, as a living, breathing, energetic beings, rather than an inferior entities that we must conquer and destroy, and we need to not waste any more time. Nature holds the answer to all of our questions, we are just not listening at the moment. We have tuned out from her frequencies, we are misplacing our values, we have become materialistic and misaligned. I suppose with sand&palm, it’s my way of returning to ‘slow clothing’, of tuning in, and wanting to create something that really works in harmony with the planet and with the human body. sand&palm is made with care, thoughtful and conscious, and built to last. It aims to contribute to the world in a positive way, and have an uplifting impact on the people who wear it.

The prints and artwork I design reflect this way of thinking, as do the fabrics I choose. For the swimwear I use recycled polyamide made from reclaimed ghost fishing nets. For the yoga and beach clothing, my fabric of choice is hemp. It’s not only one of the most sustainable and environmentally modern day crops but the fibres feel beautiful and soft against the skin, naturally breathable and flexible. At the moment my hemp is dyed with plant-based dyes, which create gorgeous earthy tones that resonate with nature and natural light.

I also have it in mind that I would like to create a limited edition range of hand painted sand&palm pieces in the future, which will be truly unique and special.


- What's your ideal client (Target Market)?

Basically anyone who loves the beach and anything to do with the beach! Surf sisters, adventurers, water babies, free souls, nomadic beings, alternative minds, thinkers, creators, connectors, entrepreneurs, nature lovers, earth warriors, artists, and everything in between. Sand&palm is designed with surfers and yogis in mind - geared towards the active beach-goer, but the clothing is equally ideal for wearing as underwear, nightwear or lounging around-the-house wear!


- Akela Surf x sand&palm collab….

This is a very exciting new project! I have collaborated with Akela Surf designing prints in the past, and they are awesome brand so I am looking forward to coming up with some surfwear magic together!


Where can we find out more?

I am currently working on a new collection which will be launched soon. In the meantime you can head over to the website at www.sand& have a browse at the current collection which is available made to order, and also sign up to the newsletter to keep up to date with any sand&palm breaking news! There’s also lots more behind the scenes information and musings at, come over and say aloha!"

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