Meet Amanda

Meet Amanda

We absolutely love Amanda Djerf's style and surfing and we're so stoked to collaborate with her. We wanted to get to know her a bit better.


- When did you first get into surfing?

My dad took me out for the first time when I was around 12. At the time we lived in California and I definitely fell for the whole lifestyle then, but I had no friends that surfed and I played a lot of sports so I didn’t really get so into it, and then we moved back to Sweden. But as soon as I graduated high school I moved to Australia to surf and since then I’ve just built my life around it. 

- What impact has the ocean had on your life?

Omg this could be the longest answer, haha. But the ocean has just given me so much! It was kind of my first true love. Whenever I’m not by the ocean I feel very claustrophobic, and as if I’m not living my life to its fullest. 


- Where is your favourite place in the world to surf?

California, for sure! I just love the whole surf scene there, and the people are so friendly. I love hanging at the parking lot after a surf chit-chatting and listening to stories from oldies who’ve surfed there since they were kids.


- Who inspires you?

So many people. Mostly I’m inspired by any person who follows their heart and has walked their own path. I love hearing someones personal story and I think it’s so inspiring with people who are doing things out of the norm.  


- What achievement are you most proud of in the last year? 

Definitely the ladyslide project! Ladyslide was a week I hosted for girls to come and learn how to surf. It was so much fun and special creating that platform for girls, and  best of all I’ve made so many new surf friends ☺️


- Tell us about how you manage self care - do you have any rituals you would like to share?

For me the most important thing is to make time for being active, I love running and I go for long walks nearly every day. I also try to drink a green smoothie every morning. The only proper ritual I have is my morning routine. I always wake up super early so I have time to drink coffee in bed and just be with my thoughts, at least for an hour.


- Name one sustainable swap you have made this year, feel free to mention a brand you’ve discovered if you like. 

I switched my skin care products to a vegan and organic brand made by a sweet girl in Barcelona, @wisdom.cares. I’m obsessed with the face oil! Also started this thing where I try to buy nearly all my clothes vintage/second hand. California and Stockholm are perfect places for that.


- What do you love about sand&palm?

I love the values behind the brand, that it’s sustainable and made to surf in. I have the yemaya set and honestly it’s so comfortable and def. one of my all time favorite surf sets!

Amanada wears the Yemaya Set in Sage. You can find it here -

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