Introducing Ana Pierquet

Introducing Ana Pierquet

girl in a leopard print sand&palm swimsuit in Bali on the beach

I am SOOO excited to finally share this with you!! @sandandpalm have been fortunate enough to join forces with dreamy longboarder @facingblankpagesand super talented photographer @smn_ftz to create some stunning photography which we are COMPLETELY in love with 🖤🖤. There’s plenty more where this came from so be prepared for lots of delicious surf goodness coming your way!!

If you haven’t already heard of or seen this beautiful vision gliding down the lines in Canggu Bali, this is Anaïs Pierquet from the Swiss Alps who now bases herself in the Indonesian surf paradise. We asked her a couple of questions about ocean life....

• How does the Ocean inspire you ?

“Well I think it’s not only the Ocean that inspires me but Nature itself. I’m very sensitive to the energy of nature and the Ocean. There’s so much to see when I’m out there lost at sea! Colours, movement, sparkles, the landscapes is a painting itself sometimes and it makes me feel in peace. Surfing and being out in the Ocean is my daily therapy, it helps me clear my thoughts and start fresh again. And I guess that is the best gift we can be grateful for.”

• What do you love about sand&palm?

“My all time favourite is the 2 pieces bikini black with gold leopard! Super comfy to surf in warm water & the design is classy, sharp! Fits pretty good with my tattoos I would say, no?”

We would definitely say so, wouldn’t you?? 

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