Equinox Blessings and Stock Sale!

Equinox Blessings and Stock Sale!

It's the equinox and officially the beginning of Autumn, the trees have begun shedding their leaves and it’s feels a very apt moment to do the same 🍂.

In order to make space to allow fresh inspiration to run through, I need to let go of that which I don’t need.

SO.....I’m having a massive one-off stock sale & everything must go!

Made-to-Order is now closed for 2023 & the online shop is locked from now until 29th September 10am at which point I will open the shop & the sale will commence until all pieces are sold out. I’ll also be opening the workshop next weekend for you to come in and have a browse and try items on.

I’m offering huge discounts off all pieces that I have in stock. I have never in 6 years of sand&palm put anything on sale, so this really will be the only opportunity you may have to own a sand&palm piece at these prices.

I will be discontinuing the current prints and colours, so the pieces I have in stock are the last ones EVER of their kind! Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

The swim shop will be closed then until spring 2024, opening with a sparkly new collection.

I’m a private person & don’t share much on social media but if you know me personally you may know that I’ve been dealing with a personal issue involving a loved one & their mental health. It’s been a challenging, insightful and emotional year. Most of all though it’s required my energy of which we only have a certain amount, meaning that my creative capacities have been somewhat hindered.

So, after some shedding, clearing space, physically & mentally, as the outside world is slowing down & retreating inwards, I too feel the call to sit quietly & listen to what my creative self needs to feel nourished at this time & going forwards. I already have some exciting ideas, involving more natural textiles, natural dies & one-off pieces.

Please keep checking our Instagram stories this week as I will be sharing what will be available in the sale. Also don’t forget to check your inbox on Friday morning for a reminder for when it starts. Things may sell out pretty quickly, so you may want to head to the website as soon as it's begun to make sure that you can grab anything that you've had your eye on!

As usual I’m here for any questions you may have about styles, colours, sizing etc.

Until then, equinox blessings beautiful beings 🍂.

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